Tuesday, August 21, 2007

HR Nightmare: Diversity Day at "The Office"

Disclaimer: As an HR Pro I am not recommending that you treat any type of diversity awareness or training like Michael does in this clip. Humor is my only intent. After reading this post and viewing this clip you'll know what to or not to do...

For those of us in HR, we've chosen this profession for a reason. On one extreme you may love being the HR police. If this is you, you'll probably find yourself dreaming of the next policy and procedure you can force into your organization - not because it's needed but just because you can. On the other extreme you are doing what you can, as an HR Pro with a true seat at the table, to really add value. You're taking the areas you have direct control over (performance management, compensation, recruiting/retention, and benefits) to really make a difference in your organization. The result is a vibrant organization equipped with the knowledge, information, and tools to exceed it's annual goals and objectives.

Now, back to diversity...

Whether you're the HR police or the true HR Pro adding value, diversity training and awareness can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Once the discussions and conversations start going down hill it's nearly impossible to turn things around.

My suggestion? Utilize only when it's really needed within your organization. I've seen it used and done well but in order to make it work you've got to keep your audience on track, use real world examples, and make sure it's practical and relevant to your organization.

After viewing the clip below you soon realize the legal liability that Michael and Dunder Mifflin have now exposed themselves to.

I ran across a great post by attorney Julie Elgar where she explains the potential liability and exposure that could result from the actions in this episode.

View the clip and follow the link to her insightful post...Enjoy and learn!