Thursday, August 30, 2007

Doug Flutie - Unbiased ESPN Analyst?

It's Thursday night, August 30th, 2007 and College Football has begun - War Eagle!

I'm watching LSU play Mississippi State and listening to Doug Flutie - he's now an Analyst on ESPN for their Thursday night games - and tonight is his first one. Anyone who has ever been around college or pro football has either seen or heard of Doug Flutie - if you aren't sure you have probably seen clips of his "Hail Mary" when his team, Boston College, was playing Miami back in 1984. Many would say that it's the greatest moment in college football.

I ran across an article on The Boston Globe titled, "Flutie's objectivity will be put to the test at ESPN". His old team, Boston College, will be playing Virginia Tech on October 25th for a Thursday night game on ESPN - and he'll be an Analyst. Can he be objective and unbiased?

Here's how Flutie defends himself..."Once I'm in the booth -- and I did BC games last year -- it's very easy because I'm sitting back up top there, just looking at X's and O's," he said, before he was interrupted by fellow analyst Craig James.
Now Craig's over there giggling because I did say 'we' one time [while broadcasting a game last season]," said Flutie. "But it is pretty easy [to be objective] because you sit back, and you're looking at teams, matchups, and strategies, like, OK, we're going to go in this two-minute situation, and here's what they've got to do, and you kind of go into automatic pilot as far as that's concerned. Plus, we're going to be in Blacksburg [Va.], so you'd better be objective."

My take? He'll do fine - nothing to worry about...

If you are curious about his character, check out The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation. He created this to honor his own son who has autism...

But, prior to us learning about a Ref that bet on basketball games, would we question Doug's ability to be unbiased as he analyzes a game for the team he used to play for. Unfortunately, professional sports hasn't had the best reputation. All I have to say is Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, and Pacman Jones...enough said.

For those of you that have never seen his "Hail Mary" check out the clip below...