Sunday, September 16, 2007

Recent College Graduate and Open To Travel?

Does this scenario describe where you are today? Maybe you've got a son or a daughter or a friend of the family who has just graduated from college and is looking to travel internationally.

I ran across this article in BusinessWeek by Candace Corner titled, "Need a career change? Five jobs that let you see the world".

Here they are...
1. Teacher. We all either have a friend or family member that's a teacher and we know that that a high salary is neither expected or usually paid for those that choose this rewarding career. In fact, if you happen to live in South Dakota you're amongst the lowest paid in the nation, making about $32K per year. For an international spin on this occupation you can earn up to $60K in South Korea and up to $80K in Switzerland - not bad!

2. Chef. For this occupation I believe the opportunity to travel is going to be the selling point here since you really don't earn a whole lot more in the overseas vs the states. In the states a head chef can earn a median income from around $40K to $43K per year. Overseas you'll earn from $38K to almost $48K per year.

3. Massage Therapist. I'll have to admit that I am the least familiar with this occupation since I have honestly never had a massage by a "real massage therapist". Here's a plug for the only massage therapist I know, Eileen Sauer. Here is her website and her LinkedIn profile can be found here - she's also the most passionate java trainer I have ever been around and an unbelievable pianist. In the US you'll probably earn a median income of about $30K. For those of you that love being in a cruise ship you can earn between $34K and $46K.

4. Nanny. Since I've got 4 kids of my own I know that I know that I could never afford one of these - especially if I had to pay per child. In the US you'll earn a median income of about $30K but in France you'll only earn about $320 / month - the opportunity here is of course to see another part of the world. If you love France go for it!

5. Caterer. The article says that a catering manager can earn about $36K as the median income. Obviously, the better reputation you have and the more business you have the more money you make. Plus, if you happen to be employed by a celebrity or anyone with plenty of money to spend I would imagine that you can earn much more than the $36K.

So, now what?

Which location do you choose if you want to travel? Do you stay in the states and move from the east to the west or from the south to the north? Or, do you take the big step and go to another country?

My vote is another country.

Enjoy and take advantage of whichever location you choose.