Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Flaming Your "Former Co-worker"...Not a Good Idea!

Disclaimer: I have changed the names to protect the innocent in this scenario below. As you'll see and read below, the only innocent ones that deserve protection are "former co-worker", "manager", and "third party" - the "candidate" doesn't deserve protection but he'll get it anyway.

Here's the scenario. "Candidate" applies for a job at "Company XYZ" while still employed at "Company ABC". He soon realizes that his "former co-worker" is now the "manager" for the position he has just applied for.

Here's where it gets interesting...the best part of this is that "candidate" sent this to me via e-mail.

Check it out...

Thanks for the information below. I didn't realize that it was "former co-worker" who was handling the position. I don't normally toot my own horn. But in this case I feel it's necessary. I am 10 times the developer that "former co-worker" is and his work ethic and level of excellence isn't even on the same page as my own. I have worked very closely with him and reviewed his code. It is substandard in my opinion. He's friendly and easy to get along with. I liked working with him because of his spirit of cooperation. But in all honesty, he's very lazy. I have done twice his work here at "company ABC". I have 17 years of experience in my skills and I've been an architect is some of my roles. "Former co-worker's" skills simply do not even compare. Ask "third party".

Any thoughts? Have any stories like this one that you would like to share?

If you are curious, this is definitely a true story and no, I am no longer considering him for the position he applied for.


Ask a Manager said...

Oh jeez. I'm not even clear on what his point was. Was he just denigrating the manager for no particular reason? I can't for the life of me figure out the goal of his email.

Chris Young - The Rainmaker Group said...


I would say that the candidate did "Company XYZ" a favor by showing his true colors prior to the hire.

If I were "Company XYZ", I would be thankful that I had the opportunity to de-select this candidate due to potential of "emotional terrorism". If this person is capable of this - what else are they capable of?

You might do the candidate a favor by sharing the book, "Likeability Factor" by Tim Sanders... He could do himself some good by "polishing" how people see him.

Good Blog!
Chris Young
The Rainmaker Group, Inc.

Karen said...

Well that certianly falls into the career suicide category doesn't it? What on earth are these people thinking?

I think the candidate was trying to say "If you think he's good enough to be a manager, you'll certainly want me because I'm even better!" - Not that anyone would believe this guy!