Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ping Pong in the Breakroom = Testosterone Overload

Anyone up for a "friendly" ping pong match in the break room?

What? Do you think you're Google?

Actually, this took place at the local Target in Appleton, WI...

It all started out as an innocent ping pong match in the local Target break room for the usually mild mannered Tim Bergkamp. But somehow, as each point was won, he transformed (like Bruce Banner into The Incredible Hulk) into a "smack talking", fist pumping, thug with nicknames like "King Pong", "The Human Wall" and "The Harlem Pongtrotter".

Check out this quote from the article..."I don't know what the deal is," said Marty Zielke, a coworker of Bergkamp's at an Appleton-area Target, "but ever since we got that ping-pong table in the break room, Tim's been acting like he's Macho Man Randy Savage or something."

So, for you HR Pro's out there with charged with keeping your culture light and fun, what do you think about this story?

I think it's pretty funny and sums up pretty well a culture that most companies would love to have - just as long as the testosterone is kept in check.

For those of you that need to work on a forehand smash check out this clip and Enjoy!