Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When A Reservation Really Isn't A Reservation - Seinfeld And Workplace Ethics...

How many of you out there have ever experienced one of these scenarios?

Scenario 1: You've been an employee of a company and been asked to somewhat "mislead" the public regarding the "fine print" that no one ever reads. How long did you stay working there after an experience like this one with Jerry? Did you feel guilty and confront management or just find another job and move on?

Scenario 2: You've been a consumer and had an experience like what Jerry went through. What did you do? Write or e-mail the company regarding these misleading/unethical tactics or just move on to the next rental car agency?

Just something to think about...enjoy the clip!

Also, If you have an example of either of of these scenarios please share by commenting...I'm sure we'd all like to read...


Sherri Leigh said...

With regard to Scenario 2: Sadly, the number of poor consumer experiences seems to be increasing, so rather than wasting my time writing to companies that probably won't change anyway, I prefer to send a note to those where I received exceptional service. A happy customer is much quieter than an unhappy customer, so I'd like to be a little bit louder happy customer and hopefully encourage good service to continue.