Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Job Opportunities At The Beach?

Anyone want to be a Lifeguard?

I'm in Florida all week long and I've been thinking about those tourists that come down here and start to seriously think about moving the family down here. No, not just a long vacation but really relocating the family.

If that is you let me make a list for you of some employment locations,opportunities, and occupations...

Seaside - they even have a "careers" page...
Beach Chair Rental...
Banker - at Regions Bank
How about Hilton Head?
Find a resort job - here...
Ever consider South Beach or Miami Beach?
Yacht crew?
How about buying a shrimp boat?
Are you a pilot? You could pull an airplane banner
You skilled enough to make surfboards?
Interested in Walt Disney World?

These are just some of the ones that I could think of and I know there are hundreds more out there...

As you can see, if you are really serious about the idea there are definitely some available careers for you.