Thursday, July 26, 2007

Negative Unemployment?

I was listening to the radio today (Rick & Bubba) while driving home from work and I heard the term negative unemployment. New to you? It certainly was to me. My simple definition would be a situation that exists when you have more jobs available than qualified workers...

From what I heard from the interview, jobs are on their way to Huntsville (Alabama) but, at this time, there aren't enough people to fill them. Who wouldn't want to work at the home of the United States Space & Rocket Center?

Check out this website that will tell you all about it...

Here's a quote from the site that sums it up pretty well - Huntsville Alabama is home to the Army’s Aviation and Missile expertise and to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. It is soon to be the home of the Army Material Command and the Missile Defense Agency. There is already a shortage of professional people including engineers, scientists, program managers, acquisition and logistics experts and there are several thousand vacant positions coming between now and 2011.

Here's an article from the Huntsville Times that gives much more detailed information about this opportunity and predicament that Huntsville has found themselves in...

I did some research on-line and found Huntsville's unemployment rate as of May 2007 to be 2.4% - that's ranked 14th compared to other metropolitan areas in the US. My metropolitan area of Birmingham, AL has a current unemployment rate of 2.7% and is ranked 28th.

And you thought you had it hard? How would you like to be presented with this challenge and how do you think you would do?

Here are my first two initial suggestions.
1. You must offer incentives for qualified workers to come to Huntsville - be creative!
2. You must make sure the city - from tourism and government are all working together in a way to encourage and attract those workers.

Good Luck!