Friday, June 15, 2007

Simon Cowell & Unexpected Talent - Paul Potts...

I've just seen this video for the first time - so have over 1.5 million people in the last 5 days. Special Thanks to Jason Corsello for introducing me to it with his latest post.

The video starts and based upon my first impression, I'm pretty skeptical on this guy's ability to sing opera - which is his absolute dream. The music starts and he begins to sing. I'm totally shocked and so is everyone else - take a look at the faces of those in the audience - take a look at the expression on the face of Simon Cowell. By now I've got goosebumps. The audience is absolutely amazed and his singing has brought many to tears. Here's a guy many probabaly felt sorry for as he walked across the stage to the microphone - but now we see him in a new light. We see this "hidden talent" that we never would have thought he would have been capable of.

Now, let's look at you have a "hidden talent" that could change the job you're in or even change your profession? Do you have a dream of doing something but have never had the guts to give it a shot?

Why in the world are you waiting?

For additional details and more information see my previous post on taking advantage of "white spaces" in your life titled "The Industrial Revolution vs. The Career Revolution".