Sunday, June 10, 2007

Napoleon Hill - What? He Got The Promotion?

Here's a Napoleon Hill "Thought For the Day" I received over the weekend that I just couldn't leave out.


How often do you look at those around you and say, "I could do any of their jobs better than they can if I only had the opportunity," never realizing the price they have paid and the knowledge they have accumulated to earn the right to hold that position? It’s easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback and second-guess the actions of others. But it’s far more productive to recognize the contributions of others and give them the credit for a job well done. If you aspire to a higher level of recognition, demonstrate to others-your peers as well as your superiors-that you can be counted upon. The world’s greatest rewards accrue to those who always deliver on their promises.

We all, at one time or another, have either asked the following questions ourselves or been asked these questions by an employee in our organization (assuming we're a member of the HR Team):

1. What? He got the promotion?
2. Why didn't I get that promotion?

There are typically many different types of employee that will ask these questions but for my purpose and example here, I'd like to focus on two.

1. I complain but I'd rather keep on complaining than really be the one that is promoted next. You mean there are really those people out there that just complain for the sake of complaining? So, they complain and really never want to progress in their career or even the next promotion that's handed out? Yep, there are people out there like that. We've all seen them and have unfortunately had to listen to them rant and rave about the co-worker that actually worked for and deserved the promotion. What more can you say about this person? I'll move on...

Here's a "Thought For The Day" I received today that sums up the above person pretty well.


Some people expend far more energy getting out of work than they would spend doing the job well. They may think they are fooling the boss, but they are only fooling themselves. An employer may not know all the details of every job or every task an individual performs, but a good manager knows the results of effort. You can be sure that when promotions or plum assignments become available, they won’t be offered to loafers. If you do your job cheerfully and well, not only are you more likely to be recognized and rewarded, but you also learn how to do your job better. As you become more proficient, you become more valuable to your employer. You also acquire the most valuable of all assets-the confidence that comes from knowing you possess skills that will increase your value to any organization.

Don't you agree?

Here's the next type of employee I'd really like to focus on...

2. You may question the promotion but deep down you want it next time and will do what it takes to be the one that's promoted when given the opportunity. Maybe I am overly optimistic - or some may say naive. I truly believe that most of us are in this category. But, the time it takes us to get to this point is what will differentiate us the most. For some of you out there, the very next day you're ready - others may take weeks to get there.

Once you "get there" here are some things I'd recommend.

1. Look at yourself and evaluate where honestly think you are from a performance perspective. See my previous post on how to take advantage of the "white space".

2. Compare yourself to the objectives for the position (or the standards for which you'll be evaluated upon) and also think about where you fit it compared to other teammates that perform the same job or function as you.

3. Talk to your manager about the promotion (or the next step or level in your position) - and do your best to not sound bitter or resentful but ask about ways you can improve your performance.

4. Listen attentively and take good notes. Keep yourself and your manager accountable by following up and asking for feedback - but remember to do this in a fashion that your manager is comfortable with.

5. Follow up with action and results will follow...