Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Presidential Candidate Background & Experience - Hillary's is caught on tape

You won't ever find me getting "political" in my blog posts but since every day my job is to review resumes and talk to candidates about their background and experience, this recent story involving Hillary Clinton definitely caught my eye.

Every candidate that we bring in for an interview is there to talk about their background and experience and show how they are a perfect match for the position that we're looking to fill.

I don't just take their resume and believe everything on it but I ask questions and dig into each position that the candidate has held. I ask questions, present scenarios, and ask for examples to see if this person really has the background and experience that we're looking for.

So, as we all review Presidential candidate "resumes" and determine who we feel would be the best person for the job, what we hear and see are some of the factors that we have to consider.

Do you think that when Hillary was giving that speech last week she had any idea that a video of that exact trip she was describing would surface? As you watch the video listen for the unbelievable detail that Hillary gives as she describes the sniper fire and greeting ceremony...

For you HR Pro's out there is this "falsification of her application" or just an an honest mistake where she "exaggerated" some of the details?

I'll let you decide...