Monday, March 31, 2008

Most Unusual Company Perks...scuba diving anyone?

I ran across this great list on Fortune that included 15 of the best and also unusual company perks. Some of these I could probably of come up with myself but then there were others (like the scuba diving) that I don't think would have ever crossed my mind.

Like you, I hear of companies all the time that are looking for unique ways to attract (and of course retrain) great workers. So, if you're one of those employers that are looking for ways to spice things up around the office, take a hard look at the list below and incorporate what you think will work where you are.

Check out the list below...

1. Scuba diving lessons - Chesapeake Energy Corporation
2. Prayer and meditation rooms - eBay
3. $200 grocery card - Methodist Hospital System
4. Alternative mode of transportation and get a $4 daily credit - Genetech
5. Free ipod shuffle - PricewaterhouseCoopers
6. Free lunch Monday through Thursday - FactSet Research
7. Discounted rent in one of their company owned apartments - Camden Property Trust
8. Get married for free - Erickson Retirement Communities
9. Dollar for dollar charity contribution match - EOG Resources
10. Free Cleveland Cavs basketball tickets - Quicken Loans
11. $20,000 in annual tuition reimbursement - MITRE
12. 5 weeks of in year 1 of employment - KPMG
13. $1,000 toward the purchase of a hybrid or electric car - Google
14. On-site childcare for $240/month - Arkansas Children's Hospital
15. On-site dry cleaning, postal services, and free grocery delivery - Microsoft

So, what do you think?

Interested in any of these? If these aren't a perfect match for your company today they should be a great place for you to start thinking about some of the things that might work for you.

If interested, check out this video created by some Microsoft interns. It's a little lengthy but does a pretty good job showing why people want to work and stay at Microsoft.


kate said...

There are some really practical rewards in there! I work for a company over in Australia called RedBalloon. We work with loads of corporate clients, providing them with reward and recognition programs and incentives. We've found that getting people to go on experiences is the most memorable way of saying thanks. There's way too much stuff on the planet, people carry around too much clutter so why add to it with generic gifts employees won't really use anyway. Some of our finest experiences include: circus skills workshops, rockstar sessions- the group records its own album and does a photo shoot, breakfast with koalas, surfing lessons, performance car racing, sailing expeditions and jetboating.
Check out this website to see the options, might give you ideas over your way!