Monday, February 25, 2008

The 25 Top Paying Companies - Did your company make the list?

I just ran across this list on CNN titled 25 top-paying companies.

Once you click through the link you'll do what I did - I quickly scrolled through the top 25 to see if my current employer, previous employer, or major competitor of my company made the list. I was also looking to see if any of these companies had headquarters or offices where I live. For me, none of these shock to me and now no reason to update my resume...

Below are the top 10 from the list of 25...
1. Bingham McCutchen
2. Arnold & Porter
3. Alston & Byrd
4. Shared Technologies
5. Nixon Peabody
6. Devon Energy
7. Perkins Coie
8. EOG Resources
9. Adobe Systems
10. Goldman Sachs

As I scrolled through the list I was surprised how many I had to click through before I came across a company I recognized or even heard of. The first company I recognized was #9, Adobe Systems. How about you? How many did you have to scroll through?

Next I had to check out #1 from the list, Bingham McCutchen. For more information on them go here...

The first shocker for me was this, their average total pay is $211,017 (For: Associate) - not bad at all!

Check this out from the article - This major corporate law firm brought three firms into its fold in 2007, boosting its staff to more than 1,000 lawyers working in 13 different offices, the largest of which is in Boston. Most hires fresh out of law school start here with a base salary of $160,000, and even the firm's legal secretaries average a not-too-shabby $69,000 a year. And talent looms large - the legal staff includes 72 graduates from Harvard Law, 24 from Yale and 20 from Stanford.

What was your first conclusion from this bit of information? Mine was obviously pay and how they are so willing to pay for and keep their talent. Speaking of retention, their turnover rate is 17%. That's not too bad but with a pay structure like theirs and a #41 ranking of the top companies to work for I would have expected it to be somewhat lower.

Check out the rest of the companies that made the list and see what else they are doing, other than pay, to attract and retain their talent...