Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Update: Michigan State Government Shutdown...

All - here's an update to my previous post over the weekend titled Michigan State Government Shuts Down - 35,000 Workers Sit at Home.

I just found an article this morning that sums up pretty well the circumstances, pressures, and resolution surrounding this ordeal.

It sounds like there actually was a brief (4 hour) shut down where workers did end up sitting at home but we're glad that it didn't last long.

Check out the first few sentences in the article...

There's nothing in the state tax increase/budget cuts/reforms package approved early Monday morning by state lawmakers that they couldn't have agreed to last summer.

They didn't have to wait until state services had been shut down for four hours before coming up with a budget agreement.

Yet the citizens of the state of Michigan were treated to an astounding display of political cowardice, mostly on the part of House Democrats, who could have passed a tax increase without a single Republican vote.

Maybe the next time this happens we won't need students attempting to raise money for their school so that they doesn't risk closing.

I'll end on this last quote from the article...

Had the shutdown persisted, Jonesville Community Schools would have been able to last through October and then may have had to cancel teacher paychecks, halt sporting events and/or use the fund balance just to keep the doors open.